Sunday, 8 December 2013

|| Isabel's Retro Inspired Clothing Market-Stall ||

The quiet Cotswold town of Cirencester is famous for its markets, ranging from the Home & Garden ones, to the Crafts Market, to the Italian Food Market and the regular market held Monday and Friday in the middle of town. 
Over the past few months a new stall has recently started to catch my eye, particularly due to it being relitively new, and I have to say I absolutely adore it. It is a retro inspired clothing stall run by the fabulous Isabel.

"6 months ago I was a stuffy suit wearing business woman (area manager ) working for boots and apple. I changed my lifestyle and now follow my passion." 

When asked what her favourite thing about vintage/retro clothing, Isabel simply replied with: "I love the styles through the years, and the feminine glamour." I have to completely agree with her here as my favourite thing about vintage clothing is how much it changed throughout the years, and how it is still changing right before us.

One of the things that massively drew me toward Isabel's stall was how quickly her stock grew. I remember the first day I went to visit it and the range of clothing was small but wonderful, and as the weeks have passed the about of pieces has grown massively. 

The stall contains a range of pieces from various decades such as 1920's flapper dresses, to 1940's skirts and blazers, to 1970's inspired dresses. The collection of fur coats is extensive, with many being real fur and other being faux-fur and in various different colours, tones, styles and cuts - one suitable for everyone. You will also be delighted to hear that the clothes are all at amazing prices.

This particular dress I am utterly in love with. The rich purple is gorgeous, and the velvet is so soft it almost slips through your fingers. I didn't get round to trying it on (I was too busy taking pictures and i was also freezing) but fI definitely think I will next as it is at an amazing price of £20.

Definition of vintage (putting aside wine option):

1. being of a specified vintage: vintage wine.

2. representing the high quality of a past time; classic: vintage movies.

3. of, imitating, or being a style or fashion of the past; retro: vintage clothing.

4. being the best of its kind; choice: vintage Shakespeare.

5. old-fashioned or obsolete.

For me there's something so wonderful and exciting about vintage clothing. It's a way of celebrating art and history in one single item, there can be so much unknown history within one dress.
It represents a lasting interest and importance along with a air of class and maturity not found among much of the current fashion.

I suppose the definition of vintage is fluid in a way. The term has being taken up by the advertising and marketing industry and has become a term that is used for clothing that is just inspired by a certain era. I personally believe that a dress made in 2010, but made to look like a 1960's dress in not vintage, however is certainly is vintage-inspired or retro-inspired. I believe that real vintage is pure and dates back to the time is was made and was in fashion, I believe it comes with history and a story.
It is apparently known that anything older than 100 years is perceived to be antique, not vintage. This therefore means that everything eventually becomes antique which I think is a nice thought.

More pictures below.


  1. that hat at the bottom is SO cool !!

    1. I know - it's absolutely fabulous!


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