Sunday, 8 June 2014

Vintage Playsuit || Outfit Post

I love clothes (obviously) and I love styling my own outfits. There's just something so refreshing about creating/styling an outfit, particularly one that you feel to be unique and expressive of your personality and who you are as a person. However, doing this can be pretty time consuming and can be a lot of effort. I've found the bets things to wear when in a rush, or if you simply can't be bothered etc are either dresses or playsuits. They are one item and only require you to pick shoes (and accessories if you so desire.) There is no need to stress over whether 'that top' will go with 'those jeans/skirt/shorts' etc etc and generally they are effortlessly stylish.

I went through a stage of never wearing dresses accept on formal occasions. They made me feel to girly and for some reason made me feel as though I was immensely over-dressed for whatever I was doing. So for about a year (I think) I didn't wear dresses casually, bus over the past couple of years I've started to refund my love for them, they are so so easy to wear and incredibly comfy. However I was then introduced to playsuits. 

Playsuits came in to fashion a couple of years ago as what I remember to be a "summer essential"… To be honest, at first I didn't really get it. Why would I want to wear a dress with shorts that meant having to completely strip when wanting to the bathroom? Surely they're not very comfortable I thought. Well I was proven wrong when I bought my first playsuit a couple of years back form Accessorize: it was navy blue with this pretty white detail on the chest. I still have it but I've worn in so much that there are hundreds of holes everywhere and it's most definitely on its way out ): 

Anyway, since then I've absolutely adored playsuits, they are possibly one of the comfiest things ever and they have the simplicity and style of a dress, but with the liberty of movement. You don't have to worry about it flying up in a gust of wind, or worrying that you're possibly showing a bit too much when sat down or sprawled across the sofa. 

Do you remember that post I did about the vintage stall in my local market ran by the wonderful Isabel? (If you didn't see it, you can read it here.) Well I regularly make visits to the stall and I had my eye on this playsuit for about a month, but every time I went to the stall I never seemed to have any money on me. However, on Friday I finished my last AS Level Exam and was in town with my friends and made a trip to see Isabel. Oddly enough the playsuit was still there and I actually had money on me so I decided to treat myself for finishing my exams. I tell myself that it because of Fate that the playsuit was still there and therefore I had to buy it.

So here is the playsuit which I bought for £20. The material (I think) is silk, or at least a very similar material such as satin. Admittedly when I bought it, it was huge. But to be honest I like buying things big because I either keep them and wear them baggy and oversized, or I alter them to fit me - I like the challenge… There were pockets on the sides which I heartbreakingly had to get rid of in order to take in the sides, but annoyingly there wasn't really another way around it so I had to say bye bye to the pockets. I think I will be living in this and my two piece all summer.

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  1. Love this pattern! Sounds like you got it for a good price too! x

    1. it's lovely isnt it! definitely, I was super happy with it! x

  2. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! I really like your amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?
    will be happy if you'll find a minute to see my blog!

    1. Thank you very much, really appreciate your kind words!
      Will definitely check your blog out (:


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